Wild edibles class by the Rock Ledge Ranch pond

Wild edibles class by the Rock Ledge Ranch pond

I realized recently that by imposing a fee on the classes, many people were unable, or electing not to attend.

Being a homeschooling dad, I understand the value of having access to these types of events so I have made an executive decision to waive the fees for this year’s classes.

If you’ve wanted to attend this class before, but have been unable to because of the finances, then we hope you will take advantage of it this year.

If you have attended my class before, and want to come again, we welcome you to come, but we will have to give priority when registering to those who have not attended before.

My hope is to conduct enough classes this year to be able to accommodate all who want to attend. Class size is limited to 30 students, and we will be releasing information on this website about when the classes will be held.

So that you don’t miss out on the schedule, please be sure to subscribe to the feeds on this blog.

Thanks for reading.