Tracy teaching a class on Wild Edible Plants

Tracy teaching a class on Wild Edible Plants

Many years ago, I developed a curiosity about eating wild plants, albeit, not in a safe way. I was staying at my dad’s cabin by the Elk River close to the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area in northwestern Colorado, when I happened to find a reference in a book about the mountain-men of the area that they would eat yampas and wild lettuce.

Well, that sounding interesting… eating wild plants! I didn’t know how to find yampas because I had no idea what they looked like, but I knew what lettuce looked like. So, I proceeded to head out into the woods and found something that looked like baby lettuce and ate it.

Now, about 15 years later, and much wiser, I’m still here and still eating wild things. I don’t recommend anyone starting off like I did, therefore, I conduct classes every spring and summer at Rock Ledge Ranch on Wild Edible Plants.

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