Some early watercress

Some early watercress

Actually, you can begin to look for wild edibles later this month!

In this photo, you can see some watercress peeking up out of the water and muck in a creek in the Air Force Academy. This photo was from April 2, however, there are places where the weather stays temperate and the water doesn’t freeze that you can find watercress all year round. I have enjoyed this wild edible throughout the winter.

You must, however, know your source!! This is something we will cover in the class, so you need to be sure to attend so you don’t get terribly sick from harvesting in an unsafe area.

What is an unsafe area to harvest watercress? If you ever find any in Monument Creek, or in that same creek after it becomes Fountain Creek in town, definitely don’t eat it! Yuck! Never eat anything that you find in or around that sewage stream. There are some other places we’ll warn you

Early mustard in Homestead Park

Early mustard in Homestead Park

about in the class.

Also, if we keep getting warm weather like this, we will begin to see mustard sticking up through the ground. This is great to pick and put on salads. You can use watercress the same way, as it’s a mustard variety also.

So, in the next few weeks, depending on the weather, you should be able to begin Grazing the Front Range along with some of the rest of us. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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