2009 class dates announced!

A large group at a previous field trip listen to Tracy explain some of the wild edibles in Rock Ledge Ranch

Well, we’re finally close enough now to be able to announce the class dates for the Wild Edibles Field Trips.

Remember, they are free this year, so please pass this information on to those you know who may be interested. Though the class is really intended for homeschoolers, it’s open to any studentย  or adult. The only reason I say that it’s intended for homeschoolers is not because we discriminate against public school, but because I run the class on my day off which is Monday when public school kids are in class.

Any way… the class is free, but each class will be limited to 20 attendees. We’re going to host a few classes so you should be able to get into one, BUT, if you sign up for a class, you MUST be there because you are reserving a spot that someone else may have occupied. Please don’t sign up for one of the classes and then not show up.ย  OK, there’s the ogre side of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

NEWSFLASH! Though wordpress.com won’t allow us to post links to Amazon from this blog, we do now have links on our photography blog to the Amazon books that we use as reference guides in our class. Every year, I bring these books to show the class and recommend that they get them. This year, you can get the books BEFORE the class and use them to help you identify plants on our trip. You can go to this post on our photography blog, My Unique Hobby.

Class dates:

  1. Monday, May 4
  2. Monday, May 18
  3. Monday, June 8

The class will be held at Rock Ledge Ranch by the pond, and will begin at 10am concluding about 11:30 back at the pond.

Here’s what you need to bring:

  • sunscreen
  • hats
  • water
  • lunch with a salad (to put our harvest in!)
  • your own drinking cup
  • your own plate and utensils

Other things you may want to bring:

  • camera
  • notebook

Here are the warnings and disclaimers:

  • Not everyone can eat wild foods. The first thing we cover in the class is safety. You must observe these rules or you could end up getting sick. I will explain how you can know if you are able to eat a certain food for different people react differently to wild foods.
  • There are poisonous plants in the field trip location. We will point these out as we encounter them. Do not sample these plants!
  • There are rattlesnakes that live in Garden of the Gods. We have never encountered one during our field trips and they usually do not hang around the busy areas of Rock Ledge Ranch. It is doubtful that we will see one, but there is a slim chance. The best way to not encounter one is to stay on the trail. Do not wander off into the brush!! Stay with the group!