Lambs quarter even loves dry soil and grows just about anywhere

Lambs quarter even loves dry soil and grows just about anywhere

Yes, we’re excited about the huge snow we’re supposed to get because it will give a boost to the dozens of edible plants in Rock Ledge Ranch. Without some moisture, there will be a shortage of things we’ll find.

The bad thing about all this cold, snowy weather is that it will probably kill off the blossoms on the fruit trees. I have seen very many trees already in full blossom. There is a monster pear tree in RLR that we have harvested from before, and we have found some “feral” apple trees in another area in the city, but it may be doubtful that we’ll get anything this year.

What you see in the photo is a very common weed that many of you may find in your gardens. It’s called lamb’s quarter. This is definitely one plant that we hope to find on our hikes this year. In cold-winter years, it comes out later in the Spring, but we should find an abundance of it this year I hope. This is, by far, my favorite salad green plant. We even plant a cultivar species of it in our garden.

But, to learn more about it, you’ll have to come to the class, though you can get prepared ahead of time by getting the books we’ll use in the class.

See all of you at Rock Ledge Ranch. Bring your wild appetites!

The wild-food-foraging photographer