Pasque flower - don't eat!

Pasque flower - don't eat!

In the class last Monday, I mentioned some of the area’s poisonous plants. There were none of the common ones to RLR sprouted or bloomed for our observation, so I mentioned that I would post some photos and comments on this blog.

The photo is of a Pasque flower. These are blossoming right now. They’re beautiful plants, but don’t eat any part of it. It is known to slow the heart when ingested. This characteristic is useful in medicinal uses, but leave that to the experts.

Though there are some flowers that are edible (nasturtiums, violets), if you find flowers in the wild, don’t harvest them. That’s how the plant propagates itself. It’s just not worth devastating a plant species to eat the flowering part of the plant. Stick to the cultivated flowers for that. It’s all part of ethical harvesting.