Monday, May 18, is our next scheduled class. Below, you will find: 1) a list of families which are registered for this class, 2) a list of things you need to bring on Monday, and 3) the details of where to go and and when to be there.

First, WHO:

  • Harmon family
  • Ward family
  • Mrs. Johnson
  • Leeper family
  • Dontanville family
  • Stuart family
  • Barrell family
  • Biddy kids

Next, WHAT:

Here’s a list of what to bring…

  • drinking water
  • hat
  • notebook
  • camera
  • lunch (with a salad to put your harvest in)
  • ziploc bag (to collect your harvest)
  • plates & utensils
  • cup (so you can sample the pine tea!)

Lastly, you can visit this blog post to get the WHEN and WHERE.


We’ll see you on Monday!!