apple harvest in Colorado Springs

Round 2 of our apple harvest!

There are a couple of locations around town, one on the far north end, and one on the far west side, where I like to pick apples. They’re allllmost ready. They’re still a little green, but ready to pick before the birds, bears, and deer get to them.

If you find a good tree, you can just shake one of the main branches and the ready apples will fall off the stems.

Speaking of apples, you can also use the abundance of crabapples that are all over town. There are some on common areas which we’ve picked and no one has ever prevented us. The best kind are the large, purple ones. We still have several gallon-sized Ziploc bags full of them from last year’s harvest. They make great jam!

On our trip yesterday, we harvested about 40 pounds of apples in less than an hour. I was in the tree shaking branches while Beth and Havi were collecting. Jonathan had climbed up his own tree and was picking and eating! I’m sure more apples went into him than into our bucket.