While unsuccessfully trying to find some 4-legged things we could eat last December, we discovered some “winterized” gooseberry “raisins” still clinging to the branches in a large stand of bushes. Benjamin availed himself of the many leftovers that were there.

I wanted to let everyone know that we will be putting together our schedule of classes for 2010 very soon and will be releasing that information here on the blog, so keep watching the posts here.

Thanks for reading.

Grazing the Front Range… and Beyond!


Man Eating Bugs?? Check it out on 8/21 at 6:30 at Bear Creek Nature Center

Man Eating Bugs?? Check it out on 8/21 at 6:30 at Bear Creek Nature Center

This Friday, August 21, at 6:30pm, there will be a great Wild Edibles class at Bear Creek Nature Center.

There will be 3 of us teaching that night. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about edible plants, mushrooms, and bugs. Yes, you read that right. I said BUGS!

Plus, you’ll get to sample some treats from each category.

Before you start grossing out about eating bugs, remember that there are many cultures and civilizations on almost every continent which eats bugs, either alive or cooked. I’m certainly not saying that I enjoy eating bugs, but I have done it at this class.

So, if you’re adventurous, or you just really like unique gastronimic experiences, then head out to Bear Creek Nature Center this Friday and join us for the class. I’ll be bringing a salad mixed with some wild plants and some “lemonade” made with a very tart berry which grows abundantly at BCNC. Ken will be bringing some mushrooms cooked to perfection, and Todd is the man with the bugs!

Hope to see you there.


Monday, May 18, is our next scheduled class. Below, you will find: 1) a list of families which are registered for this class, 2) a list of things you need to bring on Monday, and 3) the details of where to go and and when to be there.

First, WHO:

  • Harmon family
  • Ward family
  • Mrs. Johnson
  • Leeper family
  • Dontanville family
  • Stuart family
  • Barrell family
  • Biddy kids

Next, WHAT:

Here’s a list of what to bring…

  • drinking water
  • hat
  • notebook
  • camera
  • lunch (with a salad to put your harvest in)
  • ziploc bag (to collect your harvest)
  • plates & utensils
  • cup (so you can sample the pine tea!)

Lastly, you can visit this blog post to get the WHEN and WHERE.


We’ll see you on Monday!!


We already have 20 registered for the 5/18 class, so we’re officially bumping the maximum number for our class to 25!

Thank you for your interest in this class.


Availing ourselves of the abundant raspberry harvest in the park by our house.

Availing ourselves of the abundant raspberry harvest in the park by our house.

One of our classes is already 75% full. If you are wanting to register for any of our 3 free classes this year, be sure to send me an Email and let me know which one you want to attend.

Our last post mentioned that we would limit the attendance to 20 people, but I’m expanding that to 25.

Our minimum attendance would be 10. If we have a class that fewer than 10 register for, we’ll cancel that class.

Also, there is a homeschool group which is looking at registering for one of our classes and that would fill that class completely. If that occurs, we’ll probably offer another class so that the general public can come too.

Whew! This has historically been a very popular class, and we’re happy to be hosting it for free this year. It’s fun to see so many people want to come to it.

Don’t forget about the books that we’ve announced in yesterday’s post.

The wild-foods-foraging photographer in Colorado Springs

…that you can eat, that is.

We’re already getting requests to register for the classes.

Making shampoo out of yucca root!

Making shampoo out of yucca root!

Though we’re excited that there is interest already, we don’t even have the dates for the classes nailed down yet.

Another reader pointed out to me that there is no way to subscribe to the feeds from this blog. Yikes! I thought there was.

I will try to investigate this and get it resolved. In the meantime, just keep checking this blog for updates. Check back once a week or so.